Deploy Your APP
Use Remix


The Remix Project (opens in a new tab) is a rich toolset that can be used for the entire journey of contract development by users of any knowledge level, and as a learning lab for teaching and experimenting with Ethereum.

Getting Started with Remix

  1. Visit Remix to get started.
  2. Under Featured Plugins, select Solidity.
  3. Navigate to the File Explorer and click ”+” to create a Smart Contract
  4. Input your smart contract or use the sample contract below.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity 0.8.17;
contract HelloWorld {
    string public greet = "Hello World!";
  1. Navigate to the Compile sidebar option and click Compile.

Deploying Your Smart Contract

Once you have written your Smart Contract in Remix, you can navigate to the sidebar option to Compile your contract.

  1. Change the top ENVIRONMENT dropdown from ”Javascript” to ”Injected Web3
  2. This will take you MetaMask - Press connect in Metamask to allow Remix access.
  3. Add your network to Metamask using Network Information or you can add Mint Mainnet from ChainList (opens in a new tab)