Mint Blockchain is a L2 blockchain built on OP Stack focusing on the NFT ecosystem.

Mint Blockchain

From the first NFT standard of ERC721 introduced by the Ethereum community in 2017 to the present day, NFTs have been developed for 6 years. From the craze of CryptoKitties to the trend of CryptoPunks avatars, and now led by Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) in the 2021 NFT Summer, we have seen the resilience and infinite scalability demonstrated by NFT in its historical development process. In the PFP NFT bull market of 2021, the market size reached billions of dollars, but for the entire NFT field, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We believe that NFT will create a market worth trillions of dollars in the future, with infinite development prospects.

In the past 3 years, the NFTScan Labs team has been deeply involved in the NFT field. We have been in contact with a large number of frontline developers and have researched thousands of NFT projects. Throughout the process, we have discovered the high scalability and vast application space of NFT assets. We firmly believe that mass adoption in the crypto space will occur in the NFT field, unleashing a market size worth trillions of dollars. To accelerate the arrival of this day, we have decided to launch a new blockchain in 2024: Mint Blockchain.

MintCore: Organized by Mint Foundation, is the core development team responsible for the underlying technology selection and network development of Mint Blockchain. They also handle the development and maintenance of core components like cross-chain bridges and transaction sorters.

NFTScan Labs: NFTScan Labs, the developer team behind the blockchain infrastructure NFTScan, is also the core initiating team for Mint Blockchain. They focus on developing essential infrastructure for Mint Blockchain, including block explorers, NFT browsers, developer documentation systems, developer SDK tools, NFT software and hardware terminal operating systems, and more.

Mint Blockchain Introduction

Mint Vision

Originating from the NFT communities, Mint Blockchain, compared to other Ethereum L2 networks, better emphasizes the innovation in NFT standards and exploration of NFT application scenarios. Its mission is to promote innovation in NFT protocols and standards, expand NFT asset application scenarios, enhance NFT asset development efficiency, and explore the potential value of the trillion-dollar NFT market!

The core value of the Mint blockchain lies in promoting and driving innovation in NFT standards, guiding developers to innovate and explore NFT assets in more real-world applications , including but not limited to AIGC, gaming, RWA, reputation systems, membership systems, identity systems, entertainment industry, sports industry, multimedia, and other fields.

The vision of the Mint blockchain is to create a decentralized network where anyone can freely participate in creating NFT asset protocol standards and issuing NFT assets , better promoting innovation in NFT asset protocols, expanding NFT asset application scenarios, and improving the efficiency of NFT asset issuance. Uncovering the potential value of the trillion-dollar NFT market is the mission of the Mint blockchain.

Mint Features

  1. Lower Gas Fee: Mint revolutionizes the cost of issuing NFT assets, ensuring a sufficiently low cost while prioritizing the security of the assets.
  2. Plentiful NFT Standards & NIPs: Experience the freedom of choice with a plethora of NFT asset protocol standards available for issuers on the Mint blockchain.
  3. Complete NFT infrastructure: Mint offers a developer-friendly environment with robust NFT infrastructure and incentive mechanisms, empowering developers to explore the vast potential of NFTs.
  4. Revenue Sharing with Developers: We are fueling developer entry into the Mint blockchain for the research and development of NFT standards, actively propelling the real-world implementation of NFTs.
  5. Developers engaged in innovative endeavors on the Mint blockchain will receive a substantial share of the gas fee revenue generated, providing a direct and significant incentive.