Dedicated RPCs

Mint Blockchain has integrated ZAN as the Dedicated JSON-RPC provider.


Node RPC and Data API are essential components of the Web3 infrastructure, offering reliable access to blockchain data for decentralized applications.

The ZAN Node (opens in a new tab) provides stable and fast connections to popular public chains. It also offers a variety of enhanced capabilities for data retrieval and dynamic monitoring of smart contracts and assets.

ꔷ Cost-effective: Delivering top-notch services at a price 40% lower than the market standard.

ꔷ High-quality services: Ensuring 99.9% uptime, 30ms response time, and 100% data accuracy.

ꔷ Top-tier service support: Offering the quickest service and support to our Asian clientele by operating within the same time zone.

ꔷ Full-stack data capabilities: Furnishing advanced APIs and tools to facilitate easier DApp development.

Now, Mint Blockchain is available on the ZAN Node, and each user can receive approximately 15 million free requests per month. Come and Get started (opens in a new tab) !

As a technology brand of Ant Digital Technologies for Web3 products and services, ZAN also provides the following services, including smart contract audits with ZAN SCR, electronic Know Your Customer solutions via ZAN Identity, advanced transaction risk control technology through ZAN KYT, and more. Learn more (opens in a new tab)

Check out ZAN developer docs for Mint Blockchain here (opens in a new tab)